14 Life-Changing Undergarments Every Woman Should Know About (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Oct 29, 2015 Beauty & Style
14 Life-Changing Undergarments Every Woman Should Know About (PHOTOS)

undergarments shapewear solutionsLet's face it -- our undergarments can be our best friend or our very worst enemy. No one wants to be picking their wedgies or having bra straps showing when they aren't supposed to be seen. Thankfully there are some quite life-changing undergarments to solve all your underthings problems.

These solutions go beyond the wedgie (though we have that covered, too) -- from lifts to tucks to foot comfort and period undies, we've got answers to your wardrobe issues.


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  • Layers without bulk.


    Image via halftee.com

    You know how you sometimes need an extra layer because something is sheer or you want some sleeves or it's too deep of a V-neck, but you don't want that layer of bulk -- particularly around your middle? Halftee to the rescue. This comes in different sleeve options like cap, tank, and long, and in quite a few color options. There is also a darling lace version. Prices start around $15.

  • Cushion comfort with heels.


    Image via bloomingdales.com

    Sometimes wearing heels is painful and insoles offer help. These Hue Microfiber Cushioned Liner Socks ($6.50, bloomingdales.com) aren't inserts, but instead, they're similar to socks with a cushion under the ball of your foot so you can wear those towering stilettos with ease.

  • Racerback bra solution.


    Image via journelle.com

    For those times when you need a racerback bra and don't have one, there's The Strapper ($15, journelle.com). It kind of looks like the inserts for those old 45 records, doesn't it? This little contraption is simple yet perfect.

  • Simple breast lift.


    Image via Journelle

    If you need a bit of a lift and don't want to wear a padded bra, these adhesive Bring It Up Original Breast Lifts ($25, journelle) enhance from the top. Great for backless tops, too.

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  • Coverage without straps.


    Image via ae.com/aerie

    Like magic? Sort of. The Bare Bra ($36.50, ae.com/aerie) is designed to stay put while giving you cleavage without any back or shoulder straps.

  • Your favorite bra converted.


    Image via ae.com/aerie

    Going braless or without backstraps isn't an option for every woman, and in those cases, there are these perfectly designed Adjustable Low-Back Straps ($15.50, ae.com/aerie) that convert any bra into a low-back bra.


  • A lift for your backside.


    Image via vabienusa.com

    We all want a fabulous toosh, and that's what the Fanny Fabulous Brief ($47, vabienusa.com) delivers. Made of soft microfiber, the butt lift brief slims the belly as well.

  • Warmth and style.


    Image via amazon.com

    These are secret socks! Keysocks No Show Sock Liners ($11.95, amazon.com) are perfect for when you are wearing pants and it's cold out but you have an adorable pair of heels you want to wear.

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  • Featherlight shape & control.


    Image via wearcommando.com

    No, these aren't those biker shorts some guys wore in the late '80s (why, oh why?!). Instead, the Featherlight Control Short ($54, wearcommando.com) is super-light shapewear designed to make the areas of coverage feel smooth, not stuffed like sausages.

  • Wedgie-free comfort.


    Image via hanes.com

    I personally love the cotton Hanes No Ride Up Hipster Panty ($4, hanes.com). No wedgies and they also have no tags, which makes them even better. Cute prints, too.

  • Full body shaping.


    Image via target.com

    For those bodycon dresses, a control slip may be just what you need -- but the Assets by Sara Blakely Body Briefer ($34, target.com) works well beneath any dress (mini to maxi) under which you need a little extra coverage and support.

  • Pretty thigh-chafing solution.


    Image via bandelettes.com

    Sometimes our thighs rub together and cause uncomfortable chafing. This is especially so in warmer weather or when we wear our favorite skirts and dresses sans tights or nylons. Well, these Black Onyx Bandelettes ($15.99, bandelettes.com) are a sexy solution. In fact, you may want a pair, chafing or not.

  • Nearly invisible panties.


    Image via victoriassecret.com

    Never live in fear of the pantyline with the Seamless Little Hiphugger Panty ($11.50, victoriassecret.com). They come in a large selection of colors and prints, too.


  • Period-safe undies.


    Image via shethinx.com

    We all have our period undies, but these are the ultimate period undies. The THINX Hiphugger ($34, shethinx.com) is absorbent and all you need when you have your period -- say bye-bye to tampons and pads ... if you dare (or if your flow isn't too heavy). They're also the perfect underwear for the days when your period is almost over but you don't want to wear a pad or tampon anymore. No leaks!

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