How Often Should You Clean Your Hairbrushes?

Is your hairbrush getting a little funky? We all comb out the hair that gets stuck in the bristles, but have you ever actually washed your brush? We asked board-certified Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York dermatologist and physician and Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH, for her advice on cleaning our hairbrushes.


How often you should clean your brushes:

This depends on what kind of hair you're brushing. "Hairbrushes need varied cleaning schedules depending on what’s in your hair when you use them," Dr. Krant says. She recommends cleaning your brush every four to six months if you're brushing only clean, dry hair with no products. In other words, this is a good schedule for your children's hairbrushes, provided you always keep their hair squeaky-clean.

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Things are different for us grown-ups. We're more likely to be using products in our hair. And we're also more likely to be going a few days between washes to avoid stressing our hair. "If you tend to brush your hair when it is dirtier, oilier, or after styling products have been used (for example, if you use them while styling), then they should be washed every month or two," Dr. Krant says.

How to wash your hairbrushes:

Do you need a special cleaner for hairbrushes? Of course not! Just use your shampoo -- good enough for your hair, and darn well good enough for your brushes. Scrub and rinse well, then let dry thoroughly, bristles down on a towel.

And remember to pull out hair from your bristles every time you use it, not just when you notice there's more hair than bristles in your brush.


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