Everything You Need to Know to Get Galaxy Hair on Fleek (PHOTOS)

galaxy hairDo you remember what hair craze was happening last fall? Doesn't matter. Because WHATEVER it was, it wasn't as amazing (not to mention colorful) as this season's trend, which is ... galaxy hair.


Technicolor hair is trending big-time. And we're not talking a little streak of pink here and there. (That's so 2013.) Think: vibrant blues, purples, and greens that make you think of, well, far-off galaxies.

(It's also called "mermaid hair" or "fashion color.") Check it out.

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galaxy hair

 galaxy hair

Stephanie Johnson, a licensed hair stylist, makeup artist, beauty photographer, and regional educator for Briogeo Hair Care in Dallas, gets lots of requests for galaxy hair -- and from women of all ages. (In fact, those last two pics above are of her work.)

She notes:

The whole point is to have fun and push outside of normal boundaries ... I think [galaxy hair] is something anyone can play around with, provided their lifestyle and their hair itself can handle the change.

Curious? Here's what you need to know:

Play before you commit. Hair chalk or spray is a great (temporary) way to try out colors. "[You] can play with streaks on a weekend before jumping into the full commitment," says Johnson. Another option: dyeing clip-in or tape-in extensions.

Talk with your stylist. Make sure to bring in pics of galaxy hair that you love. "By showing examples of what you're hoping for, [you] can talk about the process and the reality of the result," Johnson says. And FYI, remember to listen if she disagrees with you. "The one who has hands in your hair should be most aware of what your hair and life can handle," says Johnson.

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Find an expert. Some stylists might not work in creative color. If that's the case with yours, ask her to recommend someone who does. Be thorough in your research, Johnson urges. "A chemical haircut -- when the hair breaks off because of a bad process -- is not something that anyone wants to endure. Paying for quality work will save you a lot more money in repairs and corrective color later on."

Know what you're getting into. Not only will the process of getting color take time, but so will the upkeep. "There are no permanent fashion colors," says Johnson. "That means that in just a few shampoos, you will have to keep reapplying it to keep it vibrant."

If you're darker than a platinum blond, prepare to get new growth lightened every four to six weeks. Plus, you'll need to add leave-in conditioners and hair products to your hair care regimen. (And swimming without a cap will become a serious no-no.) "The hair will need a lot of extra love," Johnson says.

Know the pros: Galaxy hair color is clearly fun and creative. The look offers a chance to express yourself. And because the color isn't permanent, you can switch it up often.

And the cons: It's high maintenance. You gotta use bleach. It won't be cheap. And if you live in a conservative community or have a by-the-rules job, well, you might get some weird looks.

Regardless of whether it's right for you or not, you gotta admit: This trend's a universal head-turner.


Images via Stephanie Johnson/HairFacePhoto.com

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