Kendra Wilkinson Cuts Her Hair & Rids Herself of That Playboy Image (PHOTO)

kendra wilkinsonMom-of-two Kendra Wilkinson turned 30 this summer, and she just went and did what many of us do after having kids -- she cut her hair ... short. Now Kendra's short hair isn't exactly short by those who favor pixie haircuts, but her long Playboy locks are gone.


The result is absolutely stunning.

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I love this look so much more than her pin-straight long hair -- it looks so fresh on her, easy and yet beach babe. She has spoken out quite a bit about turning 30 and how the milestone has been huge for her -- she feels different, like a better person, and I can totally relate to that.

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There is something about turning 30 that changes things -- if you are at a point in your life where you are ready. That big birthday gives you a minute to reflect -- the same goes for turning 40 and 50 (so I hear) and all the other big ones. Still, there are no rules that say you have to cut your hair when you get to a certain age or have kids. Do you -- whatever that is. It's clear that Kendra was ready for a change, and that change trickled into her hair, once long and very Playboy-esque, which is now a bit more boho and sexy in a whole new way. Gorgeous.


Image via kendra wilkinson baskett/Instagram

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