'90s Beauty Is Back & We're Ready to Rock These Old-School Trends (PHOTOS)

lupita makeupEverything old is new again -- is that how the saying goes? It certainly applies to a lot of those '90s beauty trends we used to know and love ... they're baaaaaaack! But they're better than before. Honest.


I was a teenager in the '90s, and I vividly recall the lengths to which I would go to achieve the perfect, uber-matte lipstick. It involved a trip over the Golden Gate bridge to buy a special red lipstick at vintage haven American Rag in San Francisco, and then layering it on my lips with face powder. (Yeah. That trend isn't one we're psyched to revive.)

But some of the really pretty ones are, with tips for updating those looks for the new millennium!


Image via Splash

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