1 Product 8 Ways: My Favorite New Skin Care Multitasker

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I am not ashamed to say that as a busy mom, I love any shortcut I can find. Between wrangling the kids, getting my work done, and shuttling the crew to all sorts of activities, life is complicated enough these days! So when I hear about a way I can simplify and streamline any part of my daily routine, I basically sign right up. Efficiency is a mom’s best friend, after all.


That’s why when a friend told me recently how she started using Aquaphor for much more than just her son’s diaper rash and dry skin, I was immediately intrigued. It turns out this one product is an amazingly versatile multitasker!

No longer do I have to frantically search for different products at home or in my purse – things like lotion for dry hands, lip balm for chapped lips, diaper rash cream, and ointment for scrapes and cuts. Aquaphor works on all of these,! I had no idea – and honestly, I feel a little foolish that I didn’t know until now. But I’m making up for it by finding new uses for Aquaphor almost every week. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Baby chin protector. Aquaphor soothes drool rash and protects against that irritation that can develop in adorable baby neck folds, too. I apply a thin layer there twice a day and it prevents dry, red, irritated skin and chapping.
  2. Manicure helper. Aquaphor is fabulous for keeping cuticles soft, and it also helps me give myself a neater manicure. I use a cotton swab to “paint” a tiny bit of Aquaphor around my nails before applying polish to easily wipe away any errant streaks of color. BONUS TIP: Rub a tiny bit of Aquaphor around the edge of the polish bottle opening to keep it from sticking shut!
  3. Temporary Split-end fix. Dry split ends can make my hair look ragged. I’m a wash-and-go kind of gal so have never really used styling products, and was amazed to discover that rubbing a tiny dab of Aquaphor between my fingers and smoothing them over the ends of my hair worked so well.
  4. Heel helper. My cracked feet are a thing of the past. This summer I was happy to head out in flip-flops and sandals (and get compliments on my DIY pedicure, too).
  5. Lip smoother. After I brush my teeth, I rinse the brush and gently rub the bristles over my lips to exfoliate flaky skin, then dab on some Aquaphor on my lips to soften them.
  6. Makeup do-over. I can have a heavy hand when it comes to eyeliner. If I make a mistake, a little Aquaphor on a cotton swab takes it right off.
  7. Glow enhancer. In addition to its moisturizing benefits, a tiny bit smoothed on the apples of my cheeks gives my skin a subtle, dewy glow without the need for makeup.
  8. Chafe fighter. Before I go running, I apply some Aquaphor to friction-prone areas like my inner thighs and underarms to prevent chafing. In winter I also use it on my nose and cheeks to help protect against windburn.

What’s your favorite way to use Aquaphor?

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