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10 Chic, Comfy Athleisure Wardrobe Picks for Fall (PHOTOS)

athletic leisure loungewearYou may have heard? There's been a revolution in fitness clothes. Those comfy, body-con pieces once reserved for gyms, studios, and trails are now meant to be lived in. Gone are the sloppy silhouettes and utilitarian pieces, replaced by seriously chic athleisure looks worthy of a day (or night!) on the town.

From strappy sports bras and layering tops to sexy leggings and warm-weather gear, check out these multifunctional -- and totally fab -- athleisure finds for fall.


Image (clockwise) via fabletics.comforever21.comexpress.com; forever21.comexpress.comoutdoorvoices.com

Image via forever21.com

1Open-Back Top

This Open-Back Top ($19.90, forever21.com) is the ideal way to show off sexy, strappy layering sports bras.

2Cuffed Lounge Pant

The Cuffed Lounge Pant ($95, outdoorvoices.com) is a crazy comfy pair of jersey sweats you'll want to literally live in, around the clock.

5Color-Block Legging

Wear the Raegan Legging ($118, rebeccaminkoff.com) to the gym, and scoop up compliments on the chic look for the rest of the day.

Image via express.com

6Lightweight Athletic Jacket

This flattering Athletic Jacket ($128, express.com) has knit sleeves and the look of shimmering snakeskin for notice-me appeal.

Image via tracksmith.com

7Cotton Tank

Nothing beats the simplicity and breathability of a well-cut cotton tank, like the flattering and versatile Grayboy Tank ($52, tracksmith.com).

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