Women & Men Don't Agree on What the 'Perfect Body' Looks Like (PHOTOS)

megan fox perfect body menIf you've been diligently trying to whittle away those curves, you may want to hop off your treadmill! It turns out the way men and women perceive the perfect body is actually pretty different -- at least according to the findings of the U.K.-based lingerie company Bluebella.


The company's survey and mock-up of the perfect female body and perfect male body hit the web a while back, but it seems like it's still a talker, because clearly, we all still want to know what shape and size face, breasts, and booty the opposite sex finds irresistible.

While women surveyed admire the lean and strong bods of beauties like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, guys claim to like a little more meat on the bones -- as long as it's in the right places! 


female body image

Should this really surprise any of us? Let's face it: Kim Kardashian's sex tape wouldn't have sold like hotcakes if she were built like a 13-year-old boy. Still, you have to ask yourself: Whom are you trying to please, a man or yourself? And isn't the main thing to be healthy, anyway? 

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But when it comes to the guys, what we ladies would like is not that far off from what they think we'd admire. (Hmmm, have they brainwashed us?)  

Perfect male body

Bigger builds are still in! (Sorry, Justin Bieber!) Brad Pitt and David Beckham made both images but for different body parts. Still, they're universally admired so that makes sense! 

It's fun to think about putting together the perfect body -- especially with these model parts to pick from!


Images via bluebella.com

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