Risks of Using Dry Shampoo Will Make You Want to Wash Your Hair

woman spraying hair in bathrobeDry shampoo -- ingenious, right? It's pretty much the ONLY solution to dirty hair when you have zero time to wash it. (Except for slapping your hair into a ponytail. But who's that fooling?) But ease up, ladies. Because overdoing it with dry shampoo comes with serious risks for your scalp and hair.


Wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail can make you go bald, but pulling your hair up and back every once in a while is not a prob. Do it a LOT, and you can develop a condition called "traction alopecia." Translation: Your hair falls out.

Dry shampoo ruins your scalp and hair in a totally different, and much grosser, way.

"Dry shampoo, in itself, won't cause baldness," reassures Stephanie Johnson, a licensed hair stylist, makeup artist, beauty photographer, and regional educator for Briogeo Hair Care in Dallas, Texas. "Where it becomes a problem is misuse. Many ladies shake it on in large amounts and do so day after day -- basically building an 'oil cake' in their hair, if you will."

Ugh. We'd prefer ... no.

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Johnson understands the desire to save time in the shower or rock that fab blowout just a few more days, but dry shampoo is bad for your follicles, she explains.

And one of the first causes of hair loss? You guessed it. Clogged follicles.

Your hair thrives when your scalp is clean and blood is circulating well up there. "So naturally, the opposite will contribute to losing it," Johnson says.

If you need further convincing to step away from the dry shampoo, we've got it.

"Sometimes people find they're losing their hair or not regrowing as much," says Johnson. "Upon evaluating their scalp, we see clogged pores or oily flakes that are covering or smothering the follicles -- thus preventing the growth of new hair."

In other words, if you already have dandruff, dry scalp, or flaking, dry shampoo makes it worse. And blocked pores may lead to cysts and pimples. Ew!

Sure, it takes time to wet, lather, rinse, occasionally repeat, AND then blow out AND then occasionally curl your hair. But perhaps we should all spare those extra minutes  -- if for no other reason than keeping our hair firmly attached to our head.

"The scalp needs love. And ignoring it will not do that," Johnson warns.

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