11 Stunning Halloween Makeup Looks Anyone Can Do

11 Stunning Halloween Makeup Looks Anyone Can Do
Image: Rickys NYC

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Rickys NYC

Every year I think I'm going to dress up to go trick-or-treating with my daughter, and every year I end up having nothing thrown together. It's probably fair to assume most moms can relate. Even if a last-minute Halloween costume for a fabulous party is needed, good news: I've rounded up some truly unique and gorgeous Halloween makeup looks that any mom of any skill level can totally do herself. 

The best news? They require very little actual costume. Makeup looks can totally transform a face on an average day -- now just imagine how impressive it can be for Halloween.

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If the goal is to look like a glam goddess, we've got it covered, An ethereal queen? That's here too. But if creepy is the ultimate goal, don't worry -- makeup can help achieve that look too. What's even cooler is all of the products needed to achieve these looks are already on hand. 

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Whether pretty or scary is the end-game, or getting into full-on makeup, or just doing something simple ... there's a look here worth trying. Now that the look is covered, it can be easier to focus on the important part of Halloween: the candy!

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