16 BFF Halloween Costumes for the Ultimate Party Duo


Dressing up is always more fun with a bestie, isn't it? For people who don't have a significant other to dress up with, or those who have a significant other who just doesn't want to dress up, a best friend is another option that is just as much fun. Especially for those who are able to hit up some Halloween parties, because everyone knows it's always more fun with a partner-in-crime. 


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Matching costumes or just ones that complement each other really well are a great way to take a costume to the next level. It kind of adds to the creativity when there is more than one person involved. And who better than a best friend?

No one, that's who.

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If two BFFs share a favorite movie or show, then this is the perfect opportunity to make that come to life. Some couple costume ideas can also be recreated for besties as well. There are so many fun ideas to consider. 

Here are 16 creative costume ideas made to make the best of friends stand out in a crowd. 

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