Jennifer Lawrence's New Platinum Hair Is Everything (PHOTO)

jennifer lawrenceFans are FAH-REAKING the heck out over Jennifer Lawrence's new platinum hair color. JLaw was photographed on the set of her upcoming film Passengers looking particularly chic with her frost-hued mane pulled back into a chic low chignon, and it's sending folks into a frenzy. 


The color has these pale butterscotch strands running through it, so it's got a little something extra going on. And it harmonizes well with the camel-colored blouse and black pants she's wearing. It's a darn good dye job! 

Check it out in this photo People tweeted.

So, it looks lovely, really, but let's get a grip. This is not a personal style choice. This is the look the film producers chose for her. It's sophisticated, and I like it. But I'm not going to spend the rest of the weekend pinning it to my Pinterest board and printing out copies for my colorist. And it's only a tiny bit lighter than the color before!

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I can think of a few things that happened today that are more newsworthy. For example:

House Speaker John Boehner announced he's quitting. He decided today was the day.

Pope Francis spent the day in New York City, where he visited the 9/11 memorial and addressed the UN General Assembly. Throngs came out to see him. NBD!

There's gonna be a rare supermoon eclipse on Sunday. The last one was in 1982.

Cailyn Jenner has been legally declared a woman.

The U.S. and China just reached a cyber security agreement and everyone's giving it the side eye.

And this guy I hired to replace all the cracked panes in my casement window finally completed the job. They sure look nice now!

But I guess they're not as "everything" as JLaw's new 'do.


Image via Splash

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