Men Try Face Masks -- Without Knowing They're Made From Human Placenta (VIDEO)

cosmo guys trying on placenta face masksIt's hard to believe there was EVER a time when embarrassing pranks weren't just a keyboard click away. NOT watch a stranger be kinda humiliated as we laugh at their expense? Lame. That would mean we'd miss out on watching this video of men trying on -- and getting grossed out by -- um, placenta face masks.

Advertisement invited guys to try on face masks for the first time. Except they weren't made out of "eucalyptus and some vitamins," like one of the guys confidently guesses.

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They were -- yeah, you read the intro correctly -- placenta. Which, you know, along with breast milk, bee venom, and bird s**t, is a totally acceptable -- albeit bizarre -- beauty treatment ingredient.

And the guys were understandably and adorably grossed out. See for yourself.

HA! While we got a kick out of the one dude saying he's going home to take five showers and rip all his teeth out, the funniest parts have nothing to do about the placenta, but about wearing a face mask in the first place. Like when the one guy complained, "Oh man this is so gnarly feeling." And the other shouted, "This is a terrible use of time!"

Um, not for us, guys. That was actually a pretty damn good use of a minute and thirty-seven seconds. And just be grateful that you didn't get the facial that contains stem cells from infant foreskin!


Image via Cosmopolitan/YouTube

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