We're Getting Major Barbie Vibes From Nicki Minaj's Fall Hair (PHOTO)

nicki minajWith its shorter days and cooler temperatures, fall has most of us thinking it's a good time to go dark when it comes to our wardrobes -- and even our hair color! But Nicki Minaj isn't "most of us," which is why weren't surprised to see the singer debut her brand new blond hair (and we weren't surprised to see that she looks fabulous, either!).


Of course, Nicki is known for switching up her hair color (and style) on a whim: We've seen the star rock every hue from bright orange to lavender to teal to mint green to rainbow striped, so straight-up blond isn't exactly a shock. Except it kind of is, because it's more "natural" than some of her previous technicolor shades, and because it's the polar opposite of her most recent hair color (jet black). 

Either way, she looks completely amazing:

Fierce!! And the style is perfect. As Kris Jenner might say, it's bangin':

Seriously, though. Anyone already suffering from summertime withdrawal would do well to take a cue from Minaj and lighten up -- what better way to hang on to that warm weather glow?

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It's kind of like how they use light boxes as therapy for seasonal affective disorder, right? Except on your head. 

We've seen the light, Nicki Minaj! Thanks for the tip!!


Image via Splash News

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