Salma Hayek's Chic Sweater Look Will Inspire Your Fall Style Goals (PHOTO)

Fall is officially here. Do you have your perfect fall sweater? This style maven mom sure does. Everyone is talking about Salma Hayek's yellow embroidered sweater, which she wore to the Gucci show at Milan's fashion week. And when you see it you'll understand why.


Hayek's fall look is everything. Yellow is an autumnal color, but hers is an especially cheery hue. The embroidery is adorable -- the birds, the flowers. But wearing it with a leather skirt ups the sophistication and gives is just the right amount of edge. I love the crisp white shirt underneath and the pop of red in her clutch, which goes well with the red flowers on her sweater.

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SIGH. The things you can do when you're married to the guy who owns the company! Hayek's husband, François-Henri Pinault, runs the French luxury company that owns Gucci. You've got to wonder if that means Salma can just use the store as her closet, you know? I'm sure it's more complicated than that. But my goodness.

Anyway, for those of us who cannot use Gucci as our closet, I still think we can take some fall style inspiration from this look. In approximately five minutes here I'm sure stores like H&M and Urban Outfitters will be whipping out similar embroidered sweaters. And it probably wouldn't be too hard to find a dark brown pleather skirt like Salma's. This would make a fun date night outfit, I think.


Image via Splash News, News

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