Time to Toss All That Makeup That Didn't Pass the 'Selfie Test'

Proof that the selfie insanity needs to stop: The New York Times reports that cosmetics companies are changing makeup formulas so that their products complement the solo picture–taking conditions.


I'm gonna go ahead and file this one under: I can't even.

Admittedly I am not a huge fan of the selfie. For starters, I'm terrible at taking them. And second, I just feel like they're overused. Want to show off a new hair cut or color? Go ahead. In front of a major tourist attraction and can't find anyone to snap a photo of you? Fine. But this incessant need to duck face at one's phone every chance you get drives me up the wall.

But I digress ... the fact that now beauty companies are actually taking selfies into account while creating products takes our society's narcissism to a whole new level. It's like the double whammy of vanity. I'd much rather wear makeup that's formulated to look good in real life (and, yes, they do test for that, too) than what's going to show up on my Facebook page.

Also, does makeup really need to be selfie-proficient when we all just throw a filter on any image that needs fixing? A little Clarendon or Amaro is a lot easier than purchasing makeup that has been specifically crafted for my iPhone camera.

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Kim Kardashian -- this is all your fault. Think of the time and money beauty companies could save if we weren't all obsessed with emulating your selfie prowess? Now not only do brands want to give us the longest lashes of our lives with their mascara, but they also want to make sure our phones can pick up the luscious volume as well.

Maybe if we all just form a unified front and decide to cool it with the selfies, cosmetics brands can go back to creating makeup the way it was originally intended -- to make us look fresh and fabulous in the flesh.


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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