Kim Zolciak Isn't Fooling Anyone When It Comes to Her 'Emergency Botox'

Well-known for her honesty, Kim Zolciak tweeted this week that in the midst of her super hectic Dancing with the Stars schedule, she simply had to make time to call for emergency Botox injections.


But not to smooth out some unwanted crows feet! For migraines. Yes, really.

The reality star tells Us Weekly:

I had to get Botox. I have so much makeup on to cover the bruises. My doctor came in last night. It helps with my migraines. I've gotten it since I was 23. At the 90-day mark if I don't get it, I get horrible migraines. It really works.

She also took to Instagram to share this snap with her doc:

Must've helped her power through, because the 37-year-old mother of six survived the first Dancing with the Stars elimination despite her being pretty wooden.

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Kim might not have the best dance moves, but she's fun to watch, looks incredible, and always keeps it real. It's what first drew fans to her reality TV shows, and now that she's a household name, it doesn't look like she plans on changing anytime soon. And we love her for it.

Of her ER Botox fix, she said:

I'm all for making yourself feel good. If it makes you feel good, do it. I'm open! Why lie, why hide? I don't care.

Yes, girl. Why hide? Kim is far from the only lady using Botox for a little boost! So why do so many of us keep it a secret? Why are we so embarrassed?

We live in a society that demands women stay eternally youthful, and then we're supposed to feel shame when we seek out cosmetic treatments to try to look or feel our best? It's more than a double-standard, and we're so thrilled to see women like Kim just admit that looking good is hard work -- and that Botox can be used for health reasons, too.

We could all learn a little something from the Don't Be Tardy star. She really doesn't care what the haters say. And that's way cooler than any cha-cha routine could ever be.


Image via kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram

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