Stella McCartney Debuts Beautiful Post-Mastectomy Bra With an Emotional Message (PHOTOS)

stella mccartney's post-mastectomy braIn an effort to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a revolutionary way, fashion designer Stella McCartney's introducing a bra for women who've had double mastectomies. It's both beautiful and physically supportive for women as their bodies heal.


A Wall Street Journal story recently noted that more and more cancer patients are choosing to have a double mastectomy, as opposed to having the lump removed from their breast, or only having a single mastectomy. Yet, the current selection of bras available on the market for these women is rather limited in both color and style.

Stella McCartney aims to change that by offering an ultra-feminine, blush colored bra with white lace. She tells the Telegraph:

We just wanted to make something that allows women undergoing this to have something to be proud of, something with no shame attached.

And as if that wasn't emotional enough, she explains that she named the it the "Louise Listening Bra" as a tribute to her mother, Linda McCartney, whose middle name was Louise and who died of breast cancer in 1998. 

Happy Birthday Mum x Stella

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The bra is available for pre-order on, and all proceeds from this year's sales will benefit the Hello Beautiful Foundation, a U.K.-based nonprofit dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

We hope the Louise Listening Bra is just the beginning. All it takes is one person to change public perception. After that, who knows? Maybe other designers will follow Stella's lead. We could use more even more beautiful designer bra lines that aid and encourage women with double mastectomies to stand strong and celebrate both their bravery and their femininity.


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