Ariana Grande Ditches Her Go-To Ponytail & Rocks Natural Curls Instead (PHOTOS)

Whoa, looks like songstress Ariana Grande has naturally curly hair. Who knew? She showed off her long, dark-brown, rippling tresses through a series of selfies. Gone is the pin-straight ponytail. She doesn't seem to miss it one bit -- and neither do we.


Grande has talked about how much bleaching and dying her hair for her roles on Victorious and Sam & Cat damaged her hair. She's been wearing extensions while she waits for new, healthier hair to grow out, and in 2014 she joked that she wore more fake hair than every drag queen on Earth, combined.

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Well, the wigs are off! Grande let most of her curls go free with two short rows of braids running up one side of her head. It's a cute, flirty 'do for Ariana. And can you believe how different she looks now?

I hope she wears it natural like this more often. It definitely sets her apart from all the other starlets out there. And it looks so much more relaxed, too.

In a Vine Ariana joked that she now matches her dark-haired poodle, Ophelia. This is no self-deprecating joke about looking like a dog -- the two really do share similar hairstyles now. Too funny! 

Ophelia we match!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Does the new look Ariana gets from her natural, healthy curls signal a new Ariana Grande? She could definitely use a refresh, especially after that donut-licking incident. Maybe with her fresh hair she can get a fresh start and reestablish herself with a new 'tude as well.


Image via arianagrande/Instagram

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