Woman Left Unable to Close Her Eyes After Botched Face-Lift (VIDEO)

 women sleeps with eye open after plastic survey goes wrongWith so many celebrities opting for plastic surgery these days, procedures seem almost commonplace. But for one mom what sounded like a simple nip/tuck proved to be life-altering -- and not in a good way. The woman, identified as Dawn from Newcastle, England, underwent a routine face-lift that left her unable to close her eyes


After losing 56 pounds, Dawn wanted to have some excess skin removed. When her surgeon recommended an eyelid lift to both the upper and lower lids, she agreed. But following the surgery, Dawn found that tears were "pouring down" her face continuously and, to the horror of her family, she was sleeping with her eyes open! 

We can't even imagine how uncomfortable this must be. All the simple things we take for granted like reading, driving, sleeping, etc., are all ruined for this woman by the fact that her eyes are watering nonstop and no longer close.

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It's such a shame because this was an elective surgery and she was probably so looking forward to seeing her new look -- especially after losing so much weight.

Though she attempted to sue the surgeon, he claimed to be bankrupt and denied any wrongdoing -- another awful blow for this lady.

While it's devastating to think about, this story serves as a good reminder of how important it is to do extensive research before choosing a surgeon. Getting second and even third opinions if necessary is smart as well.

We hope Dawn finds a reputable surgeon who's able to correct this problem quickly.


Image via Tyler Olson/shutterstock

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