Tyra Banks's Secret to Hiding Extra Pounds Is Genius & So Simple

tyra banks big hairSupermodel and media empress Tyra Banks wants you to know she has a much better strategy for looking her bikini best than starving herself. During her modeling career, Tyra says if she happened to be a few pounds over her fighting weight before a big runway show or photo shoot, she didn't hit up her trainer or nutritionist. No, instead Tyra turns to her hairdresser to help her look thinner.


Yes, that's right. To help hide extra pounds, Tyra swears by ... big hair! She says the bigger your hair looks, the smaller your booty will appear by comparison. Genius.

Tyra tells People:

When I would gain weight, and I had a big Victoria's Secret shoot, say they wanted me to shoot the cover of the swimsuit issue, I would just make my hair bigger to make my booty look smaller!

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Tyra went on to explain the exact slimming technique.

I would be like, 'I ate burgers for two months, and my ass is 10 pounds heavier,' so I would tell my hairdresser to clip more tracks in and tease it up!

Tyra is no stranger to talking frankly about her weight. After unflattering bathing suit pictures of her were published in a tabloid in 2008, Banks famously wore the same bathing suit on an episode of her talk show and proclaimed that any fat-shamers out there could "kiss my fat ass."

We love Tyra for being willing to be so honest about her struggles with body-shamers. Supermodels, they're just like us! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish up this cheeseburger and go tease my hair. Be right back.


Image via TyraBanks/Instagram

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