See Every Crazy Bra Women Have Worn Through History in Under 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

evolution of brasIf you've ever gone bra shopping and been overwhelmed by the selection, it's no surprise when you think about the evolution of the undergarment that can often make or break your outfit. But we haven't always had so many options! A new viral video from Glamour, The History of the Bra: Styles From Every Fashion Era, proves many bras from yesteryear were both super-uncomfortable and downright frightening.


What's also interesting to see is how everything old is new again. For example, the corset is making a major comeback as "the waist trainer" endorsed by celebs far and wide. And Madonna's cone bra was actually a vintage style.

Check it out.

Some of these are really elegant while others are cringeworthy (nipple bra, I'm looking at you!) and even hilarious -- like the thought of making your own sports bra with two jock straps. (Though, we have to definitely give that inventor some points for originality!)

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This definitely makes you appreciate the variety of choices we have today. Not everyone wants to feel harnessed in, pushed up, or flattened down. Can't wait to see how the bra will evolve over the next century! 


Image via africz/shutterstock

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