It's Time to Declare Plus-Size Women as 'Equal' — Hallelujah! (VIDEO)

plus is equalI am an avid reader of fashion magazines. I'm obsessed with blogs that talk about celebrity style and fashion. I can spot a Birkin bag at 20 paces and have dreams about having a Burberry trench someday. But I'm also a plus-sized woman, and all too often, I feel like I'm invisible to the fashion industry, which is why I'm so intrigued by Lane Bryant's new "Plus is Equal" campaign.


Lane Bryant first hinted at this movement in a provocative ad that ran in the September issue of Vogue.

It’s about time. (And what a perfect day for this.) #WomensEqualityDay #PlusIsEqual

Posted by Lane Bryant on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Then, a few days ago, the commercial hit the web.

And they staged a "Times Square Takeover" complete with models, a plus-sized dance troop, and a crowd full of people who support the idea that the 67 percent of American women who wear sizes 14 and above shouldn't be ignored by fashion designers, the media, and clothing manufacturers anymore.

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Now, obviously as a plus-sized clothing store, Lane Bryant has a vested interest in wanting to raise awareness of plus-size fashion, but their openness in declaring that plus-size can be beautiful and fashionable is striking a real chord in women of all sizes, including some famous faces!

Between the debut of a plus-size line in the Project Runway show at NYFW, the new Melissa McCarthy line that comes in sizes 4 to 28, and now this movement, it finally feels like the start of something great for the plus-size fashion fan. Now, if only Burberry would make their trenches in my size, all my dreams would come true!


Image via LaneBryant/YouTube

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