Whitney Port Silences Cruel Critics of Her Makeup-Free Selfie (PHOTO)

whitney port sounds off about makeup-free picsThis one should teach the haters to think twice! Former star of The Hills Whitney Port is fighting back after critics likened her to a corpse in a makeup-free photo Whitney posted. The fashion designer put them in their place by sharing the real reason she's shunning cosmetics in favor of clean skin.


Turns out the 30-year-old, who's busy planning her wedding to Tim Rosenman, has struggled with "terrible acne" in the past. Her remedy? Keeping those pores clean as can be! 

Hi guys. So I don't want to come off as preachy AT ALL! But lately, when I post a pic of myself without makeup on @instagram, people hate- telling me I look dead or anemic or whatever! Over it! I struggled with my skin A LOT growing up. I had terrible acne throughout high school and college and finally got it under control in my mid 20's. I've learned that keeping it healthy and clear is mostly due to keeping it clean. I TRULY think the key to inner and outer beauty isn't about all the things we can buy to cover up our skin but how we can embrace our skin and keep it healthy. Clean skin is in. The more I keep it clean, the better condition it's in. And when you do decide to put a little makeup on ( I mean, we all do � ) our skin is a pure foundation for it to live on! So goodbye haters! I'm gonna embrace my bare, colorless, pale and ghostly skin because I don't need to hide behind anything. I urge all you out there to not be afraid of showing that beautiful, bare face of yours to the world. Join me and tag all your clean skin selfies using the hashtag #OurCleanSkinIsIn Let's do this!!!

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It totally makes sense that the less she's putting on her face, the healthier her skin will be. Clearly, she knows from experience what works for her and what doesn't. And with a wedding coming up, who doesn't want her skin looking as luminous as possible?

This is definitely advice women of all ages can heed. It's tempting to load up on concealer if you've got problems with pimples or even if you have wrinkles you'd like to be a bit less noticeable. But in reality what you're putting on your face may only exacerbate your condition. 

And let's be honest: Most of the time -- especially close up -- you can still see exactly what you're trying to hide. It's refreshing that Whitney is so open about her issues and what's worked for her. We're glad to hear she's embracing her "ghostly" skin, as she puts it, rather than making things worse for herself by trying to cover it up.

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