Anna Kendrick & Gloria Steinem Make Fabulous Friends in New Kate Spade Ad (VIDEO)

Anna Kendrick has had many colorful costars in her career, but her latest mini-movie for Kate Spade might pair her with the most interesting one to date -- Gloria Steinem.


Anna's #MissAdventure series of short flicks for the designer have been quirky and adorable, just like the actress herself, but I have to admit the latest ad is my favorite yet.

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While our plucky heroine tries to cope with the fact that someone else is at her usual table at New York's famed Russian Tea Room, she's all sorts of hilarious as she chats with her garden gnome purse and adorable pup. The entire time she's really just trying to figure out who would have the audacity to take her usual table.

Enter one Gloria Steinem.

The ad is the perfect combination of two smart, funny women, and I'm currently coveting all of the Kate Spade items Anna is wearing in the short, as well as the purse Gloria is carrying.

And, hey, if you're going to share your croquembouche with someone, it might as well be the most incredible feminist of our time.


Image via katespadeny/Instagram

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