Amy Duggar Models 2 Sizzling Bikinis on Her Honeymoon (PHOTOS)

Well here's one more thing Amy Duggar will do that the rest of the Duggar gals won't: boldly wear a two-piece swimsuit like it's no big deal. Newlywed Dillon King smooches his bikini-clad wife Amy in a romantic photo he shared on Instagram.  


The Kings are honeymooning in Cancun, and what else would a young woman wear there? We would definitely declare Amy's suit appropriate. Appropriate and adorable. It's a teal-colored bandeau with a playful tasseled hanging fringe. No word on where she got it, but we hope she spills soon.

I love her so much!!!! #ringsfortheKings #honeymoonkings #DillandDuggsforever @amyrachelleking

A photo posted by Dillon King (@kingdillpickle) on

(P.S., I love Dillon's response to the guy giving him a hard time for using a selfie stick. "Yeah we got one. She said get it so I picked my battles and got one. If it makes her happy that's all that matters." Smart man!)

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That's not Mrs. King's only bikini -- check out this blue floral one. Man, Dillon sure is crazy about his wife. Don't you love it? Every guy should be this smitten. 

For so many women, wearing a bikini is a given, but for Amy Duggar it's a big deal. We all know the cult of modesty she comes from. She must feel so liberated in these suits. For her they're more than comfortable swimwear for hot weather -- they're a declaration of independence, maybe even defiance. And they're an expression of her excellent taste.

Some women choose to reveal that much skin only to their husbands, and that's cool if that's their choice. But I respect Amy's choice to wear a bikini considering the courage it must take. She's getting criticized for it, of course. But look how joyful she looks! All that should matter is how she feels, and it looks to me like she feels pretty darn good.


Image via kingdillpickle/Instagram

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