Plus-Sized Line Stuns Audiences at New York Fashion Week (PHOTO)

modelCan we get a "Hallelujah"? After 14 seasons, a designer on the hit reality show Project Runway has finally done something truly fashion forward: designing a whole line for plus-sized customers! And not only did they design the line, they got to show it during New York Fashion Week, another major first.


According to reports, as soon as the jaded Fashion Week crowd saw the second plus-sized model come down the runway and realized that this wasn't your average line, they were stunned and then incredibly enthusiastic. The line ended up getting the biggest applause of the night and even the judges were thrilled to see something so different coming down the catwalk.

new york fashion week plus size line

Check out the models working it!

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Because the show is still airing, the identity of the designer behind the plus-sized chic looks is still officially anonymous. We also don't know yet if they were one of the top four designers or one of the decoy shows designed to keep us guessing. I personally have my suspicions that the super talented Ashley Nell Tipton is behind the looks.

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Tipton has been pretty open about wanting to make sure plus-sized women are represented in the contest, noting in an interview with People magazine that:

I feel like there's not enough clothing out there to show our personality, and just to be comfortable and to be fashion-forward and to be a trendsetter. There are a lot of clothes out there for the straight-size woman to be able to show that, but in the plus-size industry, I don't feel like it's there just yet.

As a plus-sized woman, I have to say "Bravo!" to whoever is behind the sexy looks. I know who I'm rooting for now on the show!


Image via Thomas Concordia/WireImage

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