Then & Now: 12 Supermodels From the '80s Who Look Better Than Ever (PHOTOS)

Michele Marin | Sep 14, 2015 Beauty & Style

If the mere mention of 1980s supermodels cues the Robert Palmer song, "Simply Irresistible," then wait until you take a catwalk down memory lane with these beauties! From Naomi Campbell to Christie Brinkley, we've got the big hairstyles, the magazine covers, the fitness videos, the temper tantrums, and more from the '80s supermodel heyday.

What have some of the top '80s supermodels been doing since their days on the runways? They look better than ever, thank you very much. Check out these '80s supermodels both then and now. 


Image via © Neal Preston/Corbis

  • Cindy Crawford: Then


    Image © Rafael Rog/Corbis

    The iconic mole, the lustrous mane — Cindy Crawford ruled the runway in the 1980s. But don't let her good looks fool you into thinking that's all there is. Crawford  was her high school valedictorian and received an academic scholarship to Northwestern University. Her academics did get placed on hold, however, after she won second place in a modeling contest at 17, launching her career.

  • Cindy Crawford: Now


    Image © Splash News/Corbis

    The apples didn't fall from from this genetically beautiful tree. Crawford now has two equally beautiful children, son Presley and daughter Kaia, with her husband restaurateur, Randy Gerber. When Crawford is not lending catwalk advice to her model daughter Kaia, she is pursuing business ventures, including a furniture line for Rooms To Go and a skincare company called Meaningful Beauty.

  • Kathy Ireland: Then


    Image © Neal Preston/Corbis

    Who landed a feature in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, as well as three consecutive covers? None other than California-born Kathy Ireland. Add Seventeen, Vogue and every magazine in between to her slew of covers and you can see why Ireland was a household name in the '80s. Her fitness video was one of the first to hit it big among the supermodels of the time. 

  • Kathy Ireland: Now


    Image © Snake Mannn/Corbis

    As one of the wealthiest former supermodels in the world, according to Forbes, Ireland has made $420 million, thanks to her licensing of everything from ceiling fans to wigs, socks, furniture, and clothing. 

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  • Brooke Shields: Then


    Image © Vittoriano Rasletti

    Cue the infamous line, "Want to know what comes between me and my Calvin's?" delivered by 15-year-old Brooke Shields for the Calvin Klein jeans campaign. Along with her starring role in The Blue Lagoon, the model admired for her perfect eyebrows was on fire in the '80s.

  • Brooke Shields: Now


    Image © Splash News/Corbis

    Just as stunning today as in the '80s, Brooke Shields is now supermom to two daughters with husband Chris Henchy. The 50-year-old continues to act and penned a book about her struggle with postpartum depression, Down Came The Rain. She's also a longtime spokesperson for La-Z-Boy furniture. 

  • Iman: Then


    Image © Frederic Meylan/Corbis

    The Somali native earned her first modeling gig in 1975. She strutted her stuff for designers such as Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta. Iman even became a muse for Yves Saint Laurent. It's no wonder the stunning beauty was the first African American to grace the cover of German Vogue.

  • Iman: Now


    Image © Dennis Van Tine/Geisle-Fotopress/Corbis

    These days, Iman is busy with humanitarian work, her hubby rocker, David Bowie, and stints on Project Runway Canada. With her flawless skin, it's no surprise that she created her very own cosmetics line!

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  • Christy Turlington: Then


    Image © Frederic Meylan/Corbis

    This California girl was ruling the runway since she was 14! Christy Turlington was the face of Calvin Klein for over 20 years, and if you catch a snippet of those '80s rock replays, you can even catch that sultry smile in George Michael's "Freedom" video.

  • Christy Turlington: Now


    Image © LAN/Corbis

    With that gorgeous face, it's no surprise that Christy Turlington still rocks the modeling world! The only difference is she now splits her time off the catwalk with hubby Ed Burns, their two children, and non-profit work, including her maternal health organization, Ever Mother Counts.

  • Janice Dickinson: Then


    Image © Fairchild Photo Service/Conde Nast/Corbis

    With 37 Vogue covers, 7 Elle covers, and campaigns with Dior and Valentino, it's no wonder the Ford model spanned her modeling career all over Europe and the states throughout the '80s. 

  • Janice Dickinson: Now


    Image © London Entertainment/Splash News/Corbis

    Dickinson's diva-like behavior has been caught in several reality shows, including Celebrity Big Brother. The 60-year-old was among the first women to come out against Bill Cosby, alleging that he drugged her and took advantage of her decades ago when her career was just kicking into gear.

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  • Linda Evangelista: Then


    Image © Michel Arnaud/Corbis

    Back in the day, Ms. Evangelista famously told Vogue that she and her supermodel pals don't get out of bed "for less than $10,000 a day." She also holds the record for the most covers with Vogue Italia. Evangelista was one of the "Big 6" supermodels of the '80s.

  • Linda Evangelista: Now


    Image © Brandon Voight/Corbis

    Guess who turned 50 recently? The Canadian-born Evangelista is as hot as ever, having retired to the south of France for a while. These days the former mega model, still mingles among models and has one child, a son named Augustin, with former flame, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault (aka Salma Hayek's hubby).

  • Carol Alt: Then


    Image © Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

    "The Face," as she was known in the '80s, Carol Alt got her start on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition back in 1982. As it turns out, what started out as a summer job turned into a hot profession, as Alt went on to grace over 500 magazine covers.

  • Carol Alt: Now