12 Super Creative Halloween Costumes for Couples

Adriana Velez | Sep 16, 2015 Beauty & Style

Another year, another chance to scare the neighbors -- as a couple! It's easy to run out of ideas for couples costumes or feel like everything has been done before, but the reality is that the options are limitless. People just have to dig deep and get creative, that's all. There are so many fun characters and weird possibilities out there when it comes to finding (or making) a costume. 

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Thinking about a favorite TV couple or movie couple can prompt some pretty good ideas. Even silly things like emojis and appliances can result in unique costumes. As opposed to something scary, something funny is usually a pretty safe bet for gaining the envy of friends. 

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The more creative people get with costume ideas, the less they have to worry about running into someone with the same idea. Dressing up with a partner also means that they can help with the brainstorming. However, this list of wacky couples costumes can definitely provide a good starting point. Check out this fun list of creative costume ideas that can be shared with a favorite person.

couples halloween costumes

Image via Matthew Hughes/Flickr