12 Super Creative Halloween Costumes for Couples

Adriana Velez | Sep 16, 2015 Beauty & Style

Another year, another chance to scare the neighbors -- as a couple! It's easy to run out of ideas for couples costumes or feel like everything has been done before, but the reality is that the options are limitless. People just have to dig deep and get creative, that's all. There are so many fun characters and weird possibilities out there when it comes to finding (or making) a costume. 

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Thinking about a favorite TV couple or movie couple can prompt some pretty good ideas. Even silly things like emojis and appliances can result in unique costumes. As opposed to something scary, something funny is usually a pretty safe bet for gaining the envy of friends. 

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The more creative people get with costume ideas, the less they have to worry about running into someone with the same idea. Dressing up with a partner also means that they can help with the brainstorming. However, this list of wacky couples costumes can definitely provide a good starting point. Check out this fun list of creative costume ideas that can be shared with a favorite person.

couples halloween costumes

Image via Matthew Hughes/Flickr

  • Wayne & Garth


    Image © Frank Trapper/Sygma/Corbis

    The Wayne's World costume is easy enough to pull off. Wayne wears a black T-shirt, black baseball cap, and maybe a dark, shoulder-length wig. Garth wears a flannel shirt over a rock T-shirt, black-framed eyeglasses, and a blond wig with fluffed bangs. Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth. 

  • 99 Problems & You're Not 1


    Image via etsy.com

    Share a little too much about your relationship dynamics with this super-easy costume using 99 Problems/ Ain't 1 T-shirts ($28.95, etsy.com)

  • Pigs in a Blanket


    Image via buycostumes.com

    This is a literal interpretation of a popular party snack. Just grab a couple of pig snouts ($2.99, buycostumes.com) or spring for a whole pig accessory kit ($10.99, buycostumes.com), and wrap yourselves in blankets. Easy, peasy, snort, squeezy.

  • Plug & Socket


    I think we know who wears which costume here: Plug and Socket costume ($34.38, costumediscounters.com).

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  • Instagram 'Usie'


    Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

    A while back we did a video tutorial on how to make an Instagram selfie costume. The same idea will work for a couple! Just use a box wide enough for both of you.

  • Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson


    Image via TK / Splash News

    With the help of a black beaded top, black high-waisted pants, and long, golden-blonde wig ($12.58, amazon.com) you could be Jessica Simpson. Your husband dons a gray suit, black shirt, glue-on facial hair, shades, and a bewildered look and he's nailed Eric Johnson.

  • Twinning Emoji


    Put on some black leotards ($18.03, getdancewear.com), black headband bunny ears ($4.95, amazon.com), and blonde bob wigs ($14.99, spirithalloween.com) and you'll become your favorite bunny-eared emoji couple. If you're having trouble talking your man into trying this out, show him this photo of a Twinning Emoji couple.  

  • Silent Film Stars


    Image © John Springer Collection/CORBIS

    Look like you literally stepped out of a black-and-white silent film with jazz-age period costumes, black wigs and facial hair, black lipstick (both of you), and white face makeup. Check out this couple's silent film costumes.

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  • Jill Duggar & Derek Dillard


    Image via TLC

    Jill and Derek are serving a mission (of sorts) somewhere in Latin America -- and now you can, too! All you need is a long, brown wig ($14.99, amazon.com) and modest yet lightweight clothing (maybe a T-shirt with cargo pants). Men wear similar attire with some junior scruff on the face. One of you carry a baby in a carrier (if you don't have one, get a doll) plus a bucket to collect donations and a Bible. OH WHAT? Half of you are Duggar haters and half of you are defenders, I might as well put this idea out there.

  • Hunter & Deer


    Oh deer! The hunter part of this costume is easy: camo or flannel with jeans and toy rifle (make sure it's VERY OBVIOUSLY a toy). And for the hunted, maybe this deer costume ($58.99, halloweencostumes.com). Usually the woman plays the deer, but why not mix it up this year?

  • Curious George & The Man in the Yellow Hat


    Who will be the monkey, and who will be the man? You could go either way with a Curious George Monkey costume ($61.98) and Man in the Yellow Hat costume ($39.98, orientaltrading.com).

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  • Richie & Margot Tenenbaum


    Image via Matthew Hughes/Flickr

    If you're lucky enough to score a big, brown fur coat (fake will do -- try eBay) you're well on your way to a Royal Tenenbaum–themed costume. Margot pins her hair to one side and wears a striped Izod dress under her coat. Richie wears a camel suit or blazer/slacks with striped golf shirt, a striped sweatband, dark shades, and a beard.


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