16 Tasteless Halloween Costumes No One Should Try -- but Of Course Someone Will

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Looking for a truly tacky, tasteless, inappropriate, offensive Halloween costume? Look no further. This list is full of some of the worst getups that no one should be caught wearing in public on Halloween or any other day, for that matter. Most of them are insensitive, offensive, or just really, really strange, and there are SO many other things that people can be. 


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In case some people still have not caught on, it's not a good idea to mock someone else's culture, trauma, body, or circumstance. I can understand wanting a unique and creative costume or coming up with one that will make people laugh, but wearing one of these costumes probably won't attract the best attention. 

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Not only are these costumes tasteless, but they're also kind of expensive a lot of the time. However, as many times as people are told they shouldn't do these things, we all know that someone out there will.

Here are 16 Halloween costumes that no one should wear. Ever. 

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