16 Tasteless Halloween Costumes No One Should Try -- but Of Course Someone Will

Adriana Velez | Oct 19, 2017 Beauty & Style
16 Tasteless Halloween Costumes No One Should Try -- but Of Course Someone Will
Image: Costumeish/Spalsh News

kim paris robbery halloween costume
Costumeish/Spalsh News

Looking for a truly tacky, tasteless, inappropriate, offensive Halloween costume? Look no further. This list is full of some of the worst getups that no one should be caught wearing in public on Halloween or any other day, for that matter. Most of them are insensitive, offensive, or just really, really strange, and there are SO many other things that people can be. 

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In case some people still have not caught on, it's not a good idea to mock someone else's culture, trauma, body, or circumstance. I can understand wanting a unique and creative costume or coming up with one that will make people laugh, but wearing one of these costumes probably won't attract the best attention. 

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Not only are these costumes tasteless, but they're also kind of expensive a lot of the time. However, as many times as people are told they shouldn't do these things, we all know that someone out there will.

Here are 16 Halloween costumes that no one should wear. Ever. 

  • Pregnant Kylie Jenner

    Pregnant Kylie Jenner costume
    Splash News

    It took all of two seconds after Kylie Jenner was reported to be pregnant for this "Reality Star in the Making" costume to be released (yandy.com, $59.95). Not only is Kylie's pregnancy not confirmed, but why are we sexualizing her pregnancy and making a joke out of it

  • Anne Frank

    anne frank costume

    HalloweenCostumes.com got called out on social media for selling Anne Frank costumes. People felt the company was trivializing a child who was murdered in the Holocaust. They ended up pulling the costume and apologizing. 

  • Kim Kardashian During Paris Robbery

    Kim Kardashian During Paris Robbery costume
    Costumeish/Spalsh News

    Whether people like Kim Kardashian or not, it will never be okay to make fun of her getting gagged and robbed. That would be a traumatic experience for anyone, and we have to remember that celebrities are people too. 

  • Sexy Eleven from 'Stranger Things'


    It is NEVER okay to sexualize a 12-year-old little girl. And why would anyone even want to?? This one is called the "Upside Down Honey Costume" (yandy.com, $59.99) and appears to be inspired by the young character Eleven from the Netflix series Stranger Things. If it wasn't meant to be sexy, then Eleven actually makes a pretty awesome costume idea. The backlash this costume received was pretty intense.

  • Dentist Killer & Cecil the Lion


    Yes, really. Someone made this. It's the infamous dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer, with the head of Cecil the lion. This Lion Killer Dentist cosume ($139.99, costumeish.com) comes complete with fake-blood-stained smock, gloves, dentist tools, and -- gasp -- lion head. Ugh!

  • Caitlyn Jenner


    Well this is not surprising! You can get a Caitlyn corset ($49.99, spirithalloween.com) and wig ($16.99, spirithalloween.com) which looks just like Caitlyn Jenner's iconic Vanity Fair cover. What is surprising is that Jenner herself thinks the costume is "great."

  • Bruce Jenner


    Sure, a few years ago this would have been a hoot. But now that Caitlyn has transitioned ... eh, this Decathlon Track Star costume ($39.99, spirithalloween.com) comes across as kind of mean-spirited.

  • Amy Winehouse


    Still too soon, too soon for this tragic Amy Winehouse costume ($23.99, costumeish.com). This just makes us sad.

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  • Female Flasher


    No, don't open that coat, noooo!!! This Female Flasher costume ($29.99, eBay.com) is just a body stocking. You supply the trench, hat, boots, and chutzpah. This would definitely scare all the children who come trick-or-treating to your house.

  • Kim Davis

    Kim Davis

    Carter County Detention Center

    First of all, don't. We're just saying ... if one wanted to, one could put on glasses, a long brown wig, and a blue shirt, and I think we'd all recognize Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who spent time in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses in protest against the legalization of gay marriage. 

  • Bill Cosby


    We're predicting we'll see a few sick-humored folks who will don something like this multi-colored "Bill Cosby" Coogi-style sweater ($59.99, eBay.com) and carry some Jell-O pudding to go as the disgraced comedian. SIGH.

  • Jared Fogle

    Jared Fogle

     Zack Seckler / Splash News

    Speaking of disgraced celebs, there's also former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, who was arrested for paying for sex with minors. Quick raise of hands, how many guys shuffling around in one leg of an extra-large pair of jeans do you think you'll see this Halloween?

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  • Foxy Megyn Bloody Tampon


    In response to Donald Trump's "blood coming out of her eyes" crack about Fox News host Megyn Kelly, Costumeish.com came out with a "Foxy Megyn Bloody Tampon" costume. Yes, really. Following public outrage (and maybe a lawsuit threat), they pulled the costume from their site.

    But hey, there's still this tampon costume ($39.99, amazon.com), which you could easily adapt with some red paint and a newcaster's microphone. Please don't, though. Ew.

  • Droopers


    Oh, haha, we get it -- this droopers costume ($28.95, amazon.com) is just like a "Hooters" costume only it's mocking women whose breasts have changed shape thanks to the cruel march of time and/or childbearing. Super funny, misogynists. Super, duper funny. SIGH.

  • A Fat Lady


    With all the talk about bullying and fat-shaming maybe we're kind of, sort of, finally done with donning fat suits ($28.79, jet.com) like this one. Wouldn't it be nice if this were the year we didn't see skinny people pretending to be fat because LOL FAT AMIRITE?!? That lame non-joke has gotten stale.

  • Lady Gaga of the Frogs


    After all those awful, tacky costumes, doesn't this kooky Lady Gaga Muppet-themed costume ($69.99, costumeish.com) seem relatively tasteful? We think so, even though it's still outrageous. In case you missed it, Lady Gaga wore a cape of Kermit heads on a German television show back in 2009. It's kind of brilliant that this costume is still out there, beckoning.

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