Dakota Johnson's New 'Multi-Tonal' Highlights Will Send You Running to the Salon (PHOTOS)

Need some hair-spiration this fall? Take a gander at Dakota Johnson's autumnal highlights. The actress debuted her lusciously multi-tonal new 'do at the Venice International Film Festival and we're utterly enchanted with the look.


Gone is the ombré trend. Gone, too, are babylights. These are serious highlights, three or four lighter versions of Johnson's natural color, including chocolate, toffee, caramel, butterscotch ... all those delicious shades. And somehow the highlights are neither stripy nor chunky. I don't know exactly what's happening there but it's magic.

Even better, Johnson's color looks modern and romantic with her hair set in what we have to call woodland nymph waves. These tresses are spikier than beachy waves -- and they're shorter, too. Along with the highlights, Johnson got her hair chopped back to that shoulder-brushing length she had in April.

You guys, this is the photo we'll be bringing to the salon with us this season.

Yum, right? I'll have what she's having.

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As amazing as these highlights look in brunette, the blond and redhead versions would probably also look gorgeous. But there's something so autumnal about these shades of brown. Fall is a serious season, which calls for serious color -- but not too serious.

The highlights look sharp when Johnson has straightened hair, too. But they really come alive in waves. And if you can manage to always stand while backlit with golden Mediterranean light, all the better. Har har! We can dream, right? At least the highlights themselves look somewhat attainable of us ordinary women. 


Images via Photo Image Press / Splash News; Fotogramma / Splash News; exen / Splash News

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