Chrissy Teigen Appreciates Spanx More Than Ever Today (PHOTO)

Everyone is asking themselves this riveting question: Why is model Chrissy Teigen working out in her Spanx? Is this something we should all start doing? Does it make high-intensity interval training more intense? Relax! It's not a new fitness trend, but it is a clever hack you may need to copy someday.


Teigen Instagrammed a selfie in Spanx and a leather biker jacket looking a bit like a brunette Sandy at the end of the movie Grease. But she wasn't on her way to a rendezvous with Danny. Nope, she was on her way to the gym. And she's wearing that shapewear because she forgot her workout clothes.

Such is life for the jet set! You're constantly on the go, but you don't get to use forgetting your Lululemon as an excuse to skip a workout. Teigen's is a clever solution -- there's just one little problem. As she says in the caption, "#nosquats #crotchhole." 

Classic Teigen, putting it all out there -- the good, the bad, and the ugly of a model's life.

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This is a woman who travels with Spanx in her suitcase not because she actually needs it but because her butt is required to look supernaturally smooth and as tiny as possible for the camera. And this is a woman who thinks so little of said shapewear that she doesn't replace it just because of a little tear. 

And! This is a woman who finds a way to exercise even when she forgets the proper attire. She's probably up before the stores open. Am I feeling inspired now to work out, too? Yes! No. I mean, yes. Probably. Maybe. Go, Teigen -- you work out for us, okay?

Forgot workout clothes. Wearing Spanx to the gym. Feeling pretty compressed. #nosquats #crotchhole

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Image via  Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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