Model With 'Bionic' Arm to Rock NY Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

Rebekah Marine bionic modelThe fashion runways aren't exactly noted for being a hotbed of inclusion. But Rebekah Marine is making huge strides for diversity by walking in the upcoming FTL Moda show on September 13 at New York Fashion Week. 


Marine, 28, ruled the catwalk last February wearing a chain mail getup and futuristic makeup at the presentation of accessories/jewelry/clothing designer Antonio Urzi (who has designed costumes for Beyoncé and Lady Gaga). Born without a forearm, the New Jersey–based gorgeous brunette also donned a prosthetic limb. 

This time, she'll show off her revolutionary i-limb quantum arm, which uses patented technology to allow wearers to change grips with a single gesture. 

The FTL Moda group showcases new designers and models. For Marine, it's all about celebrating uniqueness. "FTL Moda (the show I'm walking in) has made me feel so accepted in the fashion industry," she tells The Stir. "They're helping me break down those barriers that I've been fighting for so long. I'm happy to be a part of this show!"

The hardest part about ruling the runway, she tells The Stir, is definitely mastering The Walk. "Models make it look so easy, but let me tell you, there's a science to this stuff! Hips forward, shoulders back, face forward. ... There's a lot of pressure," she says. 

But these are just the first steps on Marine's march to global fashion domination. Her goal? To be on the cover of fashion bible Vogue

Look out, Anna Wintour! We're betting on Rebekah.


Perfect day in NYC!! #NYC #lincolncenter #bionicmodel #touchbionics #amputee

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 Images via rebekahmarine/Instagram

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