Surfer Catches Waves in Heels ... Because Women Can Have It All (VIDEO)

Maud Le Car surferSummer. Sand. Surf. High Heels. Which of these is not like the other? For professional French surfer Maud Le Car, they all go together! The blond beauty, currently ranked 15th in the world, put on a tight black dress and high heels and made her way into the ocean on her surfboard.


Personally, I'd have trouble walking down the street in those heels, let alone trying to catch waves. Check her out:

Female athletes, especially in sports that inevitably give you incredible muscle tone, aren't always thought of in the "hot and sexy" category. That's why I just love how she plays up her sexy and confident persona and wiggles it in between the lines of professional athlete, which you'd normally equate with being more "buff." Props to her and props to this awesome PR stunt.

Now, can someone pass me my flats?


Image via AlmoFilm / YouTube

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