Acid Attack Victim Dares to Show Her Disfigured Face in Poignant Beauty Tutorial (VIDEO)

YouTube beauty vlogger Reshma makes tutorials like none other you'll ever see. She shows how to apply a perfect red lip, but it's hard to pay attention when the rest of her face is so startlingly disfigured. It turns out this isn't actually a beauty tutorial -- it's something heartbreaking.


Reshma is the victim of an acid-throwing attack. It's the reason why her skin is disfigured, why she's missing one eye. She ends her lipstick tutorial by saying, "You’ll find a red lipstick easily in the market, just like concentrated acid. This is the reason why, every day, a girl becomes a victim of an acid attack.”

Every day?

You can buy concentrated acid at the freakin' market?!?

Reshma's attack happened when the then-18-year-old Mumbai resident traveled to Northern India to take an exam. She was staying with her sister, who lives with her husband's family. She and her sister were walking in the village when her brother-in-law and his friends allegedly poured concentrated sulfuric acid into her face, severely burning her skin and destroying one eye.

If you go to Reshma's Indy GoGo fundraising page you can see in graphic detail how devastating this attack was. It's astonishing to learn the chemicals that do this are so readily available. And by the way, they're also cheap -- about the equivalent of $1.50. No wonder these attacks are so common.

Northern India has become known for its violence against women. It's a troubling problem the country is grappling to address. That's why Reshma has teamed up with Make Love Not Scars to create the video series, Beauty Tips by Reshma. They're promoting a petition to ban the sale of concentrated acid at Indian markets. (It's supposedly illegal to sell to people under 18, like that's any help.)

It won't end violence against women, but it certainly would help.

I think it's amazing that Reshma has turned her personal ordeal into a mission. She must have tremendous strength to put her face out there and show the world what happened to her, and to demand change. She's speaking for the many other women and girls who have been attacked. Her efforts could also help prevent countless other attacks.

The men who did this to Reshma wanted to silence her, maybe even to erase her from public life. But she proves that a woman is so much more than her face. By boldly speaking out, Reshma's inner beauty shines through those scars. They failed.


Image via Sergey Tay/shutterstock

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