Blake Lively Shares Her Cellulite Woes & We Can't Even (PHOTO)

Blake LivelyAs if it weren't already easy enough to be completely jealous of Blake Lively -- with her acting career, handsome hubby, new baby, and lifestyle website! But the actress just upped the ante by joking about cellulite woes. Oh, Blake, we've seen you in short shorts. We know the truth.


You're 28, Blake! Live it up. You don't have to act like it's worse than it really is. Some day you will be in your 40s (and beyond!), a few more pregnancies under your belt -- then, MAYBE, you can begin lamenting your lumps and bumps, though something tells me you're one of the lucky few who'll pass through middle age unravaged by time. 

Maybe it's a ploy to appear more down-to-earth while hawking $240 rompers on her site, but still, ugh. Here she is having a good old time with her celebrity personal trainer.

And, sorry, but that hashtag #WhyIsCelluliteIsSoMuchCuterOnBabies is not working for us -- and I'm not even counting the fact that there's a superfluous "Is" in there! Babies don't have cellulite. Sure, they've got rolls and some dimples, but cottage cheese thighs? Not so much. 

Blake, we embraced you when you shared the breastfeeding photo that obscured your child. Though you were talking more about your boobs than your baby, we related to it. But this cellulite business? I'm sorry, I'm calling you out on that one! (What's next, Sisterhood of the Traveling Mom Jeans?)

All I can say is, if she starts espousing the wonders of waist training next, I'm officially done. 

Image via Sharpshooter Images / Splash

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