Fashion Flashback: 20 Styles From 'Clueless' We Want to Bring Back (PHOTOS)

Just in time for back to school! It's been 20 years since Clueless hit the big screen, leaving us all pining for the over-the-top outfits worn by Cher and her friends. The stylish, sassy romantic comedy was a major hit and made a star of Alicia Silverstone. Its hilarious lines ("What did you do at school today?" "I broke in my purple clogs!") coupled with its fine fashion moments turned it into one of the most beloved high school movies ever. 

From funky hats to over-the-knee socks to mary janes and berets, the fashion in this movie is nothing if not creative and inspirational. In fact the outfits from Clueless are so iconic that Iggy Azalea's video for "Fancy" is essentially a remake of the film. Check out these style from Clueless that we'd love to bring back and wear right  now.


Image via Paramount Pictures 

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