Opal Hair Trend Is In -- So I Guess I'm Going to Be Out Again (PHOTOS)

opal hair color Headed out to visit your colorist? Hold on a second! If you were about to follow that celebrity trend and dye your locks every color of the rainbow, you'll want to read this first. Apparently, Roy G. Biv is out and opal-colored hair is in.


That happened fast, didn't it? I don't know quite how I feel about this shiny, metallic 'do, do you? We guess it's not too far off from the lavender hues that Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne have been favoring for a while now.  

And just like the gemstone, there are all sorts of colors going on within this shade. You can see little hints of pink and green in the mix -- meaning that it'll probably go with just about anything!

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But seriously, who's got this kind of time to keep up with this opal/mother of pearl madness? And am I the only one who worries that all my hair will fall out just trying to follow all these trends? I'm still struggling to hide the grays that are coming in fast and furiously, though maybe the opal would mask them nicely ... mmm .... reconsidering ... mmm ... still no. 

This look might work for runway models, but I'm not convinced your average mom can or should try to pull this one off. 


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