Kids Hilariously Explain Their Take on Fashion Ads (VIDEO)

yolanda dominguez kids vs. fashionKids. They say the funniest things. And they also speak the truth. Like when they tell you your bathrobe looks like the cloak a queen wears and you should stay in it all day. Or when you put on eyeshadow and they ask, "Why are you trying so hard?" So! Given every kiddo in the world's track record with honesty, who better than kids to take a look at high fashion ads and explain EXACTLY what's going on?



Madrid-based artist Yolanda Dominguez asked boys and girls to look at a variety of print ads for high fashion designers like Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Prada, and Dior.

And yes, they all fit the stereotype of heavily nuanced, inscrutable images where you're sure the fashion director had a story in mind but isn't sharing it with you.

Think: A woman dressed to the nines but in the fetal position on a cold, hard floor. Two men in leather jackets dumping a woman into a trash can, and so on.

Kids were asked to explain what was going on in each of the ads. And their answers are spot-on.

"I would ask my mom how we could help her, so that she could be in a shelter for a while, and not out on the streets," one earnest urchin says about a thin model in a blue pantsuit and black heels who is sitting on the ground as if she was just fallen or pushed.

A second kid thought she needed a first-aid kit "to get healed." Another wisely surmised that she was drunk.

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Laugh all you want but Dominguez has higher aspirations for her video, which is entitled "Niños vs. Moda," or "Kids vs. Fashion." As she told Today, the video is "proof of the inequality with which the fashion industry represents men and women."

Dominguez makes a chilling point that in fashion ads, "women are associated with concepts such as weakness, death, and illness. And men with strength, leadership, and power."

And if you listen to the children's comments, you'll see that they instantly picked up on those differences, albeit in a more simplistic way. The women are seen as "dead," "hungry," "alone," and "frightened." (Or "taking a s***t," in one Alexander Wang ad.)

The men, on the other hand, are seen as "superheroes," "the boss," and "spies or the FBI."

Dominguez thinks that fashion editorials have become "increasingly violent and humilating towards women." She hopes this video will encourage designers to rethink the messages they're sending out into the world -- and urge shoppers to more carefully choose how we spend our hard-earned cash.

"Fashion today has a lot of influence," Dominguez told Today. "This can be used to build a better world or benefit the few at the expense of the suffering of others."

See the video for yourself. Warning: After the laughter, prepare for an unsettling feeling in your gut.


Image via Yolanda Dominguez/YouTube

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