Get Front Row Seats for Fashion Week

One of my friends on CafeMom wanted to know where you could go to view pictures and videos from New York's Fashion Week. She mentioned how QVC was showing looks that were spin-offs of the originals. But where can you see the real stuff?


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week's site has some great photos from all the runway shows. I loved Anna Sui's bright and boho line. Charlotte Ronson has this one dress with a floral print that would look so cute with a blazer. And supermom Michelle Smith's line MILLY was playful with color and fabric. also has great photos, plus an easy-to-use video feature, so you can see the models in action. It's like front row seats without worrying about what designer you are wearing...or if you're just hanging out in sweats!

SamBed posed a question in groups: Do moms really care about Fashion Week? There's also a link to a cool article on RedPlum. What are your thoughts?

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