Courageous Mom & Daughter Stories Make Us Want to Be Who We're BORNandMADE to Be (VIDEO)

Iconic haircare line Carol's Daughter joins forces with I Am That Girl to celebrate the #BORNandMADE campaign which not only connects but also empowers mothers and daughters all over the world.


I Am That Girl is a movement with the goal of inspiring girls to feel free to express and love exactly who they are. The BORNandMADE campaign encourages women to post empowering Instagram snapshots boasting information about who they really are, not who society wants them to be.

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This q&a between the founder of I Am That Girl and the founder of Carol's Daughter sums up the project beautifully.

The stories are so wonderfully inspiring that you'll want to watch them over and over again. Like this one from a German-born woman named Michaela who talks about embracing her her hair as a kid, despite everyone in her family simply trying to control it.

And fashion blogger Daniela speaks so lovingly about her family and the wonderful role model she had in her mom it's basically going to make you want to calls yours ... now. She also discusses the struggle she had with herself to be "good enough."

You can create your own BORNandMade image here, and share it across your favorite social media sites to spread the word, and the movement.


Image via carolsdaughter/Instagram


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