Mom & Daughter Dropped More Than $63,000 on Matching Plastic Surgery (VIDEO)

Mother Daughter Extreme Plastic SurgeryMany moms and daughters love doing things together -- shopping, getting mani-pedis, maybe even taking exercise classes. But one mother-daughter duo has spent thousands of dollars on another pastime: this mom and daughter got extreme plastic surgery!  


Georgina and Kayla of the United Kingdom have blown over $63,000 on the cosmetic surgery that they hope will make them look more like Katie Price, a British model they admire. To truly appreciate their mind-blowing, matching transformation, take a look at what they used to look like:

Georgina and Kayla

Now see how cosmetic surgery has rendered them nearly identical!

While it sounds like they've spent a small fortune, don't worry, they're not the ones paying for it! Here comes the super-creepy part: Kayla, 20, who began stripping at 17, found a sugar daddy who picked up the tab. Yikes!

And her mom's reaction? Um, we'd have to say it's pretty much what you'd expect in this case. Georgina says:

 I'm so lucky ... I'm livin' the dream.

That dream includes breast augmentation (with another planned for the near future), lip injections, hair extensions, nail treatments, teeth-whitening, tanning, and semi-permanent makeup for both.

I don't know too many moms whose dream includes their young daughter taking off her clothes to pay for unnecessary surgeries, but these two certainly do seem happy ... and close. Lots of mothers are flattered when they're told they look just like their young daughters, but this is really going to extreme lengths to make that resemblance happen!

While it wouldn't be our choice for how to spend what could be a pretty nice down payment on a home (or a home itself in some states!!!), they're living their own "dream," so who are we to rain on their parade?


Images via News Dog Media/YouTube

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