Jennifer Aniston Got Her Wedding Veil & Dress Off-the-Rack -- Yes, Really!

One of the aspects of Jennifer Aniston's personality that makes her such a beloved Hollywood figure is how completely relatable she seems to us commonfolk, and now that we know where Jen got her wedding veil, we love her even more.


You see, while Jen can afford anything her little heart desires, she purchased the headpiece for her big day at none other than J.Crew, Us Weekly reports.

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That's right, the same J.Crew you and I can find in malls nationwide.

The retailer's wedding veils usually ring up around $200, which is pretty affordable by bridal standards. And get this -- "an Aniston insider" also shared:

Jen bought her dress at a store. It wasn't thousands of dollars.

Us reports it was a little knee-length number. (In other words, SO not the super-formal gown that went viral on Facebook. Ha!) So, clearly she was going for a chic and easy vibe when she walked down the aisle to marry Justin Theroux.

I don't know why but it warms my heart when I hear stories of celebrities doing and buying utterly normal things. Forget the expensive designer duds; I want to know what they're wearing that I can actually afford.

 Image via @Parisa/Splash

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