Dressing Like a Barbie Doll Just Got a Lot Easier & More Comfortable (PHOTOS)

barbie collection sophia websterBarbie is arguably the most polarizing toy of all time. You either adore her because she's perfect, or you despise her for the same reason. But Barbie's new designer shoes might just bridge the gap between those two tribes. The Mattel doll has just started wearing ... high-tops.


It's Barbie we're talking about here, so they're not scuffed-up Chuck Taylors. Think: pink glittery designer kicks. But hey, they're the closest thing to "cool and laid-back" that Barbie has EVER had in her dream closet, so we'll take 'em.

The iconic doll just partnered with British designer Sophia Webster. She's relatively new to the fashion world. But the theme of her first fall collection back in 2012 was "Welcome to the Dollhouse" -- in which models posed in boxes like giant Barbie dolls.

barbie in sophia webster shoes

So perfect fit, right?

Currently, Webster's shoes runs the gamut from funky dragon lady stilettos to comfy-looking pink glitter Chukka boots. Any, of course, would fit a Barbie. But nope, the doll gets sneakers instead. Flat shoes -- like the rest of us wear.

It's about time!

And to accompany the rolling-out of Barbie's seasonable -- yet still fun! -- shoes, Webster's unveiled a new collection of Barbie-inspired shoes for us real-sized folk. Think pastel-patterned high-tops, pale pink stilettos with heels that look like they were made from glued-together candy necklaces, and pink sling-back heels with red hearts and pink bows.

A few examples:

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On a Barbie, we would probably groan and make snide comments about "hooker shoes." But sized up for real people? These shoes are damn cute.

Taking Barbie OUT out of shoes like these and putting her in sneaks instead is a fab idea. Maybe now she'll be comfortable enough to ease up on that forced plastic grin.

And the girls who play with her can be reassured that climbing trees and walking for long distances is as fun, special, and important as dressing up and waiting for a boy to give you a ride in his convertible.


Images via sophiawebster/Instagram; Mattel

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