Gender-Neutral Style: 12 Ways It Can Really Suit You (PHOTOS)

Gender-Neutral Style: 12 Ways It Can Really Suit You (PHOTOS)

unisex fashionTraditionally, there are separate departments for men's and women's clothing. Men have a Fashion Week, and women have theirs. But as the culture becomes more aware and accepting of the trans lifestyle, fashion is, um, following suit. According to the New York Times, gender-neutral clothing is becoming all the rage. 

In the past, androgynous style meant anything from David Bowie's glitter and makeup to women dandied up in pinstripe suits and neckties. Today, it's more about how millennials actually dress. They wear what they want to -- what they think looks cool -- regardless of whether it came from the juniors department or Dad's closet.

But how does the trend translate to you if you're not a beanpole, ectomorph kid? Too often, this "trans fashion" translates to traditional/classic menswear pieces worn baggy and oversized, which can be pretty hard to pull off as chic if you have real-world proportions.

We've scanned fall's new styles for the most flattering ways to wear these classic, slouchy styles that are no longer just for men. Think: bomber and moto and jean jackets, trench coats, plaid shirts, trousers, "boyfriend cardigans," blazers, and the like. As the song says, nowadays, God knows, anything goes!


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