Miranda Lambert's Sexy Post-Divorce Makeover Is Just What She Needed (PHOTO)

miranda lambertThere have been a lot of changes going on in Miranda Lambert's world lately, and nothing more challenging than the end of her marriage to Blake Shelton. But change can be good -- and Miranda's super blond new hair color is proof of that.


Perhaps she saw her blond locks in her recent Instagram photo against her best pal Ashley Monroe's hair and thought, Yes! Blonder ... ambition. And this is the result with the quote: "What doesn't kill you only makes you blonder."

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I love her. And I love this new color. When going through something as difficult as a divorce, you have to do things for yourself. Whatever it is that makes you feel better -- hiking, yoga, going to the salon -- do it. Spoil yourself. Do the things that make you happy. It's wonderful to see Miranda smiling as she navigates through this tough time. This is exactly what she needed.

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Sometimes people look at a woman going through divorce and think ... that's it for her; she's a damsel in distress. Most of us know that isn't the case at all -- Miranda proves that. She's going show us how going blonder is more fun.


Image via Smallpix/Splash News

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