Kim Zolciak Flaunts Thigh Gap & Her Haters Pile On (PHOTO)

kim zolciak selfie thigh gapThe term is #humblebrag, right? Recently on Instagram, Don't Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak showed off not her thigh gap, but, well, we're not sure what?!


It doesn't really matter, because as it turned out, the celeb mom's caption ended up taking on more attention than her sexy-casual style in the pic. Check it out.


The other term is "haters are gon' hate," right?  

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The picture earned her 21.5k likes (at time of print), but Zolciak's "fans" rolled in about 450 comments, the majority of which were filled with pure judgment.   

For instance, @haleyalysha commented:

I love your posts Kim, but I would say a post like this gloating about a thigh gap that you have already can be a major trigger for girls who have eating disorders...

And @zyndarella73 wrote, "Toooo skinny!! You look bonelegged!!!!" Not nice at all!!

Then, we have @china_eye keeping it short with "You look stupid!!!!" while @socalflipflop wrote "Dear lord. Again with the pigeon toe pose? You look like a clumsy child...."

Others were a little more supportive. Now that's what we like to see! 

Our favorite comment came from @maggie_pichotta who said:

I don't know how you do it, putting up with such nastiness. Why do they follow you if that's how they feel? People need to get a life. I think and your family are amazing.

Meanwhile, @francie33 brought it back to what we all were supposed to learn in kindergarten, commenting "...If you don't have anything nice to say you might as well not post anything at all."

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We also loved how @callenherr hit the nail on the head:

I just can't understand why people follow someone just to pick them apart?? You're gorgeous!

Not to get all preachy, but as women, we should be helping each other stand tall, feel beautiful, and be proud of our bodies -- no matter what they look like. If we were all created equal, how boring would life be? Treated equal ... now that's a different story! So, go on @maggie_pichotta!! We agree with you 100 percent. 

What do you think, ladies? Pigeon-toes, thigh gaps, denim on denim - if you got it, if you like it, flaunt it!

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Image via kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram

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