Miley Cyrus's Bright, Bold New Look Is Actually Pretty Mom-Friendly (PHOTOS)

miley cyrus selfieOkay, ladies, let's be honest. If you are over a certain age, you probably don't think of Miley Cyrus as a style icon. Most of us dress with the goal of keeping our nipples covered and don't change our hair color on a daily or weekly basis. But Miley revealed a rainbow bright new look this week that's kinda inspiring.


Maybe you'd be willing to hop on the all-naked-all-the-time former child star's new trend? How adorable is her rainbow mani-pedi?!

& nails tooooo match!!!! ���

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But since Miley is Miley, you know her nails aren't the only thing going rainbow. She's also got the rainbow dreads!

Serving Rastaaaaaa Realness!!!! â�¤ï¸ï¿½ð���ð���

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Pinkies up 4 da illions!!!!! @billyraycyrus @mikewillmadeit @mtv

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And rainbow streaks held back by a rainbow barrette. Because of course she does.

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Cyrus will be hosting the MTV Video Music Awards later this month. No word yet if she'll still be rocking rainbows then. My guess is some sort of furry inspired costume in rainbow colors with nipple cut-outs. We'll have to tune in August 30 to see if I'm right!


Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

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