Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Dress Was Hiding Right in Front of Our Eyes (VIDEO)

jennifer aniston red carpetThe whole world is pretty much OVER patiently waiting to see the first glimpse of Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress. Well, at least TMZ is. They've decided to take matters into their own hands and crack the case of Jen's bridal look, thanks to an episode of Say Yes to the Dress!


No, of course Jen wasn't on the popular TLC reality show herself. But according to TMZ, on an episode that aired back in April, a woman shopping at the holy grail emporium of wedding gowns -- Kleinfeld in Manhattan, obvi -- tried on an $8,400 Mark Zunino gown. And that's when a fittings specialist let it slip that she knows that particular style VERY WELL, because she helped the former Friends star pick it out. Uh, whaaa?!

Check out the clip.

We initially heard the dress was short, summery, flowy, and this look doesn't seem to fit that description. It's also hard to believe she'd go to Kleinfeld when she could call up just about any fashion house and request a custom design.

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Still, the curve-hugging, mermaid shape is one of Jen's faves, and TMZ usually gets it right. So who knows?! It's very possible that she wore this one for the ceremony and a short number for the reception.

Jury's out 'til we see the official wedding pics. But if this IS her dress (or one of 'em), chances are Jen's not gonna be too thrilled that this mouthy Kleinfeld employee let the cat out of the bag!


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press

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